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Centro TAU is a prevention strategy based on a partnership model to empower participants and prevent vulnerable children and youth in areas such as street violence, drug use, and human trafficking, among others.

Our participants are in charge of their educational plans so they can create the world they aspire to live in.


To promote the integral development of children and youth to build the society of their dreams with optimism.


A committed community where children and youth reach their full potential, contributing positively to society, living in peace, love, and joy.


Centro TAU offers participants an inspiring oasis where they can be children. A friendly and professional staff provides a comprehensive and personalized education based on the belief that everyone can develop their natural abilities if they are given real opportunities founded on love and respect.


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Centro TAU in Loíza, Puerto Rico is an educational institution that provides a platform for social action to combat all forms of oppression against children and to achieve their full potential. It is a partnership where the Ricky Martin Foundation, Nuestra Escuela, Inc., Iniciativa Comunitaria, Inc., and Sociedad de Educación y Rehabilitación de Puerto Rico (SER de Puerto Rico) converge to offer participants a holistic education.

The Centro TAU Alliance is committed to providing personalized, democratic, innovative and emancipatory education to infants, children and youth in the municipality of Loíza and surrounding towns, based on the educational model that Nuestra Escuela Inc., has developed in over fifteen years. Its goal is to guide the participants to achieve their individual and collective development, as emotionally healthy human beings, trained to improve their quality of life, their families and the community.

The four allies, based on their best practices, ideas, and decades of successful service, create a fifth space of community work in Centro TAU. Together they drafted the vision and mission and went through the process of dreaming and making Centro TAU a reality, by opening its doors on August 25, 2014. Since then, Centro TAU offers 120 participants an opportunity of transformational development, thanks to the support of individuals, corporations, and private foundations who share Centro TAU Alliance’s commitment to strengthen our children and youth.

Centro TAU has nine classrooms, a library, an area of childcare and development, an amphitheater, administrative offices, biosocial office, and recreational areas. It serves 120 young people between the ages of 2 months to 21 years old. The school community has 27 teachers, security staff, maintenance and administrative support.

There have been a total of 16 workshops offered to 52 youth for a total of 474 interventions in Centro TAU focused on issues such as HIV prevention and modes of transmission; family planning; managing emotions; self-esteem; STDs, causes and treatment; sexuality; personal hygiene, breast cancer; use of male and female condoms; drugs, types and effects; alcohol, physiological and legal effects; gender violence; relationships; and gender perspectives, among others. Also, 162 youth were impacted by other educational activities that Iniciativa Comunitaria’s Health Educator developed in collaboration with the faculty and staff of Centro TAU.

Among the celebrated achievements are all the efforts made at the Care and Development Center for children from two months to three years, many of them sons and daughters of young adult participants. SER de Puerto Rico contributed its expertise and held screenings for 17 children placed at the Care and Development Center, identifying areas that merit special attention in all cases. Guidelines were offered to parents and teachers regarding the areas of need identified in the children and recommendations were made on activities that would foster and develop skills in which they had delays. Observations were made in the classroom to provide strategies in areas of conduct.

The participants from Pre-K to sixth grade enjoyed a series of activities that involved writing poems, caring for natural resources, interaction with nature, art exhibits, tours, preparation of food, therapies and varied activities in which they could give free rein to their talents. Meanwhile, middle school and high school participants were offered workshops for youth entrepreneurship.

Centro TAU houses the three levels of psycho-socio-educational training: infants, Pre-K to 6th grade scholars, and young people ready to be inserted into postsecondary education or the workforce. This significantly contributes to creating a community that breaks the factors threatening successful development and promoting protective factors that they can apply with their families and the community.

about the alliance

Nuestra Escuela, Inc.

Nuestra Escuela, founded on love, where young and old, like Quixote, make their dreams and goals a reality by creating a quality of life for their families. So help us God! For more information, visit: www.nuestraescuela.org

Iniciativa Comunitaria, Inc.

Iniciativa Comunitaria is a leading organization working to accompany the community in its development and transformation. We advocate for the recognition and respect of the fundamental rights of the community and its individuals. We propose and promote a sensitive and inclusive public policy committed to achieving quality of life and a healthy and harmonious coexistence especially in humans suffering social exclusion. For more information, visit: www.iniciativacomunitaria.org

Sociedad de Educación y Rehabilitación de Puerto Rico (SER de Puerto Rico)

Provides exceptional services to people with disabilities and autism so that they have an equal opportunity to live, learn, work, and play in their communities to their fullest potential in an idependent, productive, participatory, and self-reliant way. For more information, visit: www.ser.pr

Centro tau's founding donors

  • RTL
  • Gobierno de Puerto Rico
  • Municipio de Loíza
  • Aireko
  • Fundación Francisco Carvajal
  • Grupo VL
  • SAP
  • Taller Diseño Comunitario
  • Triple S Vida
  • Airmaster
  • Ford
  • Fundación Banco Popular
  • Fundación Plaza Las Américas
  • Fundación Priscilla González Rahola de Stubbe
  • Johnson’s Baby
  • Small World
  • Starbucks
  • The Resource Foundation
  • The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
  • Scotiabank

For more information about Centro TAU, send an email to rmf@rm-foundation.org or call (787) 626–6424 / (787) 626-5647

 If you want to donate your services or talent, send an email to rmf@rm-foundation.org