Social Impact


RMF’s research has led to the creation of over twenty dissertations on human trafficking conducted by academics from various academic institutions.

February was declared “Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month in Puerto Rico” and our research was cited as a reason.

RMF has held over 500 educational conferences in and outside of Puerto Rico to make this crime visible and raise awareness.

2015 – RMF opened their Pavilion in Plaza Las Américas for the 4th consecutive year.


Law 225 of 2014 – “Law for the safety, welfare, and child protection” – criminalizes human trafficking offenses and penalizes all parents or person responsible for the welfare of a child or any other person who, by action or omission incurs in the intentional exploitation of a minor with imprisonment for a fixed term of 25 years.

RMF in partnership with UPR presented the second study on human trafficking in Puerto Rico “Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery in Puerto Rico”.

Inauguration of Centro TAU – a proactive action to prevent high-risk communities from becoming possible victims of this crime.

Dr. César Rey offers the first class on human trafficking in Puerto Rico at the Faculty of Law in the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras Campus

RMF sensitized about 330,000 citizens in our Pavilion at Plaza Las Américas.


First person sentenced for human trafficking in Puerto Rico.


RMF participates in the creation of the Child Protection Model Law on the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

Human Trafficking is included in Puerto Rico’s Penal Code after our pioneer publication.


Martin participates as juror in the CNN Heroes panel.


RMF in partnership with UPR and Johns Hopkins presented the first study on human trafficking in Puerto Rico “Human Trafficking in Puerto Rico: An Invisible Challenge”.

RMF creates Se Trata in collaboration with UNICEF – the first community social action program against child trafficking in Puerto Rico.


RMF and Microsoft launch Navega Protegido in order to protect children from online dangers.


RMF in partnership with Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo and the International Organization for Migration launched Call and Live.

Ricky Martin testifies in the United States Congress about the existence of modern slavery and becomes an advocate for a vulnerable population.

Ricky Martin Foundation in partnership with Habitat for Humanity built 224 houses in Thailand after the tsunami, to provide a safe shelter for families vulnerable of human trafficking.


Slaves of a New Era – Inaugural campaign with which RMF raised awareness about human trafficking throughout Latin America with the initiative People for Children.


Humanitarian trip to India where Ricky Martin learns about the reality of human trafficking when he rescues three girls from the street and decides to focus his efforts to eradicate this crime.