Education is the anchor in all of our efforts to achieve a world free of human trafficking. Recognizing that there are more slaves today than ever before and that 5.5 million victims are minors, we are convinced that by educating we are able to sensitize, empower, and prevent this crime. Being proactive in the defense of human rights, we have several educational initiatives to involve the public in the eradication of modern slavery.


educational conferences

Our educational conferences are offered to any group of people thirteen years and older. They contain information about human trafficking as a global phenomenon and how it manifests itself in Puerto Rico. Also, they discuss how you can get involved and prevent it in your community.

With the support of modern abolitionists and volunteers that are trained by RMF, we expand our social impact and create awareness about the existence of this crime. We have already impacted over 15,000 people, but we want to reach many more.

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The Ricky Martin Foundation’s Pavilion is an interactive exhibition about human trafficking located in Plaza Las Américas in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the months of November and December. Its purpose is to educate the public in order to change the paradigm and achieve a world free of human trafficking.

It is produced by RMF and based on our research and data from international organizations that are also committed to ending this crime. The Pavilion’s content changes annually and portrays the most recent findings on human trafficking at a global and local level.In the last three years, we have had over 300,000 visitors and over 2,000 hours of volunteer work at the Pavilion. For more information on joining our team of modern abolitionists and becoming a volunteer at the Pavilion, click here





Global Awareness

Global Awareness allows us to inform the world of this heinous crime and mobilize people through our participation in forums, workshops, media interventions, and advocacy efforts. We solidify our mission by working in partnerships, following a multi-sector alliance model involving civil society, inter-governmental organizations, and the private sector. To be effective in our goals, we advocate for the protection of children and youth against all forms of exploitation.

In December 2003, Ricky Martin was appointed as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In his role, RMF has supported UNICEF’s efforts in fighting for children’s rights, especially in the area of child trafficking.

In October 2004, Martin as part of an international panel of philanthropists dedicated to the education and prevention of child trafficking, made an appeal to the United Nations for international help to fight sex tourism.

Martin did extensive work on behalf of UNICEF following his visit to Thailand’s tsunami-stricken areas in January 2005. He also traveled to Dar Al-Amman, Jordan in July 2005 where he visited the first Child Safety Center in the Arab region. 

In 2009, he recorded public service announcements for the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In 2010, UNICEF joined RMF in their community program Se Trata, the first anti-trafficking effort in Puerto Rico.

In February 2012, Martin wrote an essay about child trafficking in UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children. Also, we participated in the creation of the Child Protection Model Law in the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

In 2014, RMF visited London and Abu Dhabi to continue denouncing this crime.

In April 2015, RMF participated in the first edition of “Manos Líderes” in Monterrey, México, an international symposium that consisted of brief talks from global leaders to create a positive impact and influence through their respective causes. We also participated as international speakers at the Annual National Conference by the American Mothers, Inc., in Washington, DC.


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