Our Work

We denounce human trafficking and educate about its existence through research and community initiatives, anchored in the defense of children and youth rights. As advocates for their rights, we provide this vulnerable population a safer world by creating educational campaigns, partnerships, and effective public policy.

Our strategy is threefold, we research human trafficking in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to educate and sensitize the public with the hopes of preventing more people from falling victim to this crime. Our research, educational initiatives, and partnerships allow us to foster public policies that denounce, prevent, protect, suppress, and punish human trafficking.


The research validates our unwavering commitment to continuously contribute and enrich the public’s knowledge and awareness of human trafficking. Through data collection and analysis, we are able to delve deeper into the scope and nature of this crime.


Education is the anchor in all of our efforts to achieve a world free of human trafficking. Recognizing that there are more slaves today than ever before and that 5.5 million victims are minors, we are convinced that by educating we are able to sensitize, empower, and prevent this crime. Being proactive in the defense of human rights, we have several educational initiatives to involve the public in the eradication of modern slavery.

centro tau

Centro TAU is a prevention strategy based on a partnership model to empower participants and prevent vulnerable children and youth in areas such as street violence, drug use, and human trafficking, among others.

Our participants are in charge of their educational plans so they can create the world they aspire to live in.