Presentation of Findings from Third Investigation on Trafficking in Puerto Rico


Presentation of Findings from Third Investigation on Trafficking in Puerto Rico

Outstanding findings about control, power, the causes of domestic violence and trafficking in women

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Tuesday, March 13, 2017: The Ricky Martin Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico, presented today its third investigation on trafficking in Puerto Rico.

The study validates Ricky Martin Foundation’s unwavering commitment to contributing and expanding knowledge about the crime of human trafficking and thus working in tandem with government agencies, security and law enforcement, non-governmental organizations and society at large.

As was demonstrated in the previous studies on trafficking in persons (Rey Hernández and Hernández Angueira, 2010, 2014), the study of human trafficking is a challenge because of its complexity.

In this new phase the investigation reveals multiple crimes and rights violations to which women and children are subjected in Puerto Rico, mainly women survivors of domestic violence who every day seek help at different centers, in search of some respite from their problems.

“It is about the correlation between domestic violence and the phenomenon of trafficking in women. For this purpose, we used a novel approach that allowed the understanding of trafficking in this new area of ​​research work. Through a desk review of records, we were able to gather valuable information about the vulnerability of women survivors of domestic violence, ” said lead researcher Dr. Cesar Rey.

We reviewed 203 files of women who requested services in centers that deal with cases of domestic violence. In this way, the centers of the regions of San Juan, Arecibo, Utuado, Aibonito and Cayey became spaces of investigation and discussion. Records were reviewed for the years 2012 to 2015.

“Seven years ago when we presented our first study, we expressed to Puerto Rico our commitment to the dissemination of information about this crime which is present in our every day. The impact of human trafficking in all sectors, prototypes of people and families is a fact that is reconfirmed by this third research, ” added Bibiana Ferraiuoli, Executive Director of the Ricky Martin Foundation

The field work was carried out for eight months and was in charge of four research assistants: Irene Lafarga Previdi, Aurora Otero Negrón, Alejandra M. Colón López and Nelson De Jesús Santana. The first three, graduate students and the last, undergraduate student, at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. In the final phase, graduate student, Rebeca Agosto joined the team. All of them from different disciplines of the Social Sciences and Humanities Faculties. Dr. Sheila Pérez López, doctor in psychology, was the coordinator of the research.

As in the first two studies, this third research was led by sociologist Luisa Hernandez Angueira with Dr. Cesar Rey Hernandez.

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